Foreverboards D4 Solid Vinyl

D4I10 & D4I25

Coverage 200mm
Length 5.84m and 8m

Designed and manufactured in Australia, our products suit both traditional and contemporary house exteriors. Our cladding has been subjected to the rigorous physical test requirements of AS/NZS 4257.1, .6, .7, and .8 and has passed with ease.

Our products are formulated with careful attention to the UV conditions of the harsh Australian climate.

The extrusion processes we have developed ensure that the colour and UV resistance are consistent all the way through each product – not just limited to the surface. These features, presented with clean glossy lines and embossed wood-grain surfaces, bring you products that deliver years of effective and stylish good looks with minimal upkeep.

Forever Boards provides a factory warranty on all products, copy available on request. This warranty gives full (not pro rata) protection for 50 years.

Foreverboards D4 Solid Vinyl Cladding Range Newcastle - Forever Boards

No Paint Needed

Save on Maintenance

Corrosion, Rot and Terminate Proof

Durable & Long lasting

100% Colour Depth

Colour wont scratch off

Easy Maintenance

A Simple wash from time to time

Flame Resistant

Save on Maintenance

First cost is last cost

Count your saving for years to come

Foreverboards D4 Solid Vinyl Wall Cladding Newcastle - Forever Boards