Palliside Structural PVC

A stylish alternative to traditional weatherboards

When you are building a new home one of the first decisions you must make is the materials that you will use. The most visible is the exterior finish which will define the whole look of your project. With Palliside weatherboards, you can enjoy the contemporary values of weatherboard without the worry and cost of continual maintenance. Installing Palliside eliminates the need for painting whilst protecting your home from nature’s extremes.

Easy to install

The advantages of Palliside are evident even before it’s up. Palliside can be easily and quickly installed using standard tools. Palliside is produced ‘ in a 6mm profile providing UV stability and strength whilst remaining lightweight for easy handling. The boards provide 260mm coverage and are double profiled to speed installation. They are also available in 5.84m lengths which means fewer joins. The interlocking boards hide nails or screws and can be joined off-stud to further minimise waste.

To complete the project, Palliside has a comprehensive range of accessories, providing a choice for corners, joins and ends. Gaps are neatly finished with end plugs and moulded soakers, designed to shut out the weather, dirt and any potential homes for spiders and insects.

Before installing Palliside, it is essential that the installer fully reads the Palliside Installation and Technical Guide.

Forget about maintenance

When it comes to maintenance for Palliside, relax!

Palliside’s exterior surface is impact and scratch resistant, decreasing the need for painting. Any concerns about corrosion, rotting or vermin attack are also forgotten, leaving the homeowner with an up-market appearance that is low on maintenance.

Palliside comes clean in an instant with a sponge and warm soapy water any grime just washes away leaving the weatherboards looking like new.

NOTE: thinners petrol or solvents must not be used on Palliside weatherboards

For new homes

Palliside is ideal to use when constructing a new home and can be used on many different types of residential constructions. Due to its UV protection and resistance to salt spray, Palliside is perfect for seaside holiday homes, however it is also looks great on a modern townhouse or colonial style house.

As well as being a total cladding option, Palliside is ideal for upper storeys ,Z , in conjunction with brick on the ground floor as well as gable ends, windows and entrance ways. Palliside has also been used successfully as an internal wall material for sprinklered wet areas.

In addition to its UV salt resistant characteristics, Palliside is also suitable for use in areas under tropical cyclone category C. With its low ignitability and self-extinguishing properties, Palliside can also be used in fire prone areas as an external wall material. Palliside also provides some thermal and acoustic insulation for home owners.

Many traditional claddings quickly reach the end of their life, with some needing continual maintenance and painting. Or in worst case scenarios, they sag and warp, leaving a tired look. Palliside provides an excellent low maintenance alternative to these traditional claddings, is easy to install and will provide a long term up-market appearance for years to come. Palliside weatherboards will never rust, warp or rot and can even be arched around corners for more dramatic effects. So by using Palliside on your new home you will not only decrease maintenance worries, but also add to it’s appearance.

Other applications

In addition to domestic applications, Palliside can be seen on a number of commercial buildings all over Australia New Zealand and the Pacific Islands ranging from the Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club in Victoria to sports complexes hotels shopping centres and rest homes.

Palliside can also be used for renovations to change the size and appearance of a building, or to allow for changes in the requirements and lifestyle of owners, For renovations or second-storey additions, Palliside offers a hardy and durable finish that will maintain its appeal over time.

Palliside is available in a rusticated woodgrain profile and is pre-finished in a range of heritage colour options, including white, vanilla cream, glade green, heritage gold, and ivory (see back page for colours). Palliside also comes with a comprehensive range of accessories to ensure a clean finish without gaps.

Why you should Install Palliside

  • Palliside has a rusticated woodgrain finish with a choice of five colours
  • The Palliside board has 260mm coverage and 5.84m lengths for faster installation
  • UV & salt resistant top coat protects against Australian weather extremes
  • Solid colour means Palliside wont fade or ever need painting
  • Palliside will never warp rot or rust
  • Palliside comes clean in an instant with a sponge & warm soapy water
  • A range of accessories provide a clean finish and closed gaps to prevent the entry of unwanted weather or vermin
  • Antl capillary channel prevents moisture from seeping behind the boards