Colorbond roofing


  • also available in COLOFlBOND° Stainless steel for
  • Severe Coastal &lnduatrial environments.
  • also available in COLOFlBOND° Ultra eteel for Coastal Industrial areas.
  • To determine the most suitable material for your proiect please contact your supplier or refer to


COLOFiBOND° steel’s modern range of designer colours offers a myriad of solutions for simply beautiful homes in any environment.


With its corrosion resistant ZlNCALUME® steel base and baked on paint finish that resists chipping, peeling and cracking, COLOFiBOND® steel delivers renowned long life performance with low maintenance. Its also non- combustible, termite resistant and weather tight” protecting
your investment against our harsh Australian conditions.


COLOFiBOND° steel now provides you with a wider choice of lighter, contemporary colours, which can help you achieve reduced energy impact and help you to achieve thermal performance ratings as specified by various building regulations, eg BCA, Basix. For more detailed information please visit COLOFiBOND® steel helps keep your home cool in summen and warm in winter.


BlueScope Steel is committed to working towards improved environmental outcomes in our manufacturing processes. For example using recycled water and reducing our fresh water use at Port Kembla Steelworks by more than 50% and using recycled steel scrap in the production of steel. COLOFiBOND® steel is 100% recyclable and over 85% of all steel building products are recycled.


COLOFiBOND° steel is a leader in flexibility of rooting design. Whatever you can imagine in a roof, you can have – whether it be contemporary, traditional, curved, skillion, convex, concave -the design possibilities are endless.


COLOFiBOND® steel is one of the most advanced roofing materials in the world. Starting with a ZlNCALUME® steel base for outstanding anti-corrosion performance. Then, a conversion layer is chemically applied to enhance coating adhesion. A polyester primer is then baked onto the surface. Finally a durable exterior grade top-coat is baked on. Now incorporating Thermatechf” technology for outstanding solar reflectance.


BlueScope Steel offers a warranty* for COLOFiBOND° steel for various applications. Please refer to www. for all warranty terms and conditions and to see which warranty may apply for your home. All warranties are backed by Australia’s own BlueScope Steel.